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Choose when you are going to come to Bukovel

Bugil Café is a modern café, which combines healthy nutritious food with  fast service. Regardless whether you want to recuperate after conquering a mountain peak or just willing to energize before shopping or entertainment, our cozy café is always there and you are always welcome. This place perfectly combines cozy interior design, delicious food, self-service principles and reasonable prices. - Where to find us? Central Square, near SHELTER hotel

Knaypa Food Court

Knaypa Food Court is a café, where modern interior design combines with decorative elements of Hutsulian folk style, fast service principles with high-quality service  and delicious dishes of home-made food for reasonable prices. Anyone can have a snack not only inside, but also on the outside, on a comfortable terrace. Where to find us? Parking #2, 5th floor. Also, on the side of slope №7 express-bar “Knaypa Food Court” is working – and in few minutes one can warm up with hot aromatic coffee or mulled wine.


“PANORAMA LOUNGE” are located at the tops of three mountains: Bukovel (1127m, ski lift #2), Dovga (1372m, ski lift #12), Babyn Pohar (1180m, ski lift #14). The best panoramic views of Bukovel are here. Reload your energy between skiing and snowboarding in the winter, or enjoy coffee or mulled wine, watching the beauty of the Carpathians in the summer.  

Fast food points


From peak to peak and, of course, at the bottom of the slope you are welcome to refill your energy for new rises and  incredible rides.

I ♥ donuts

“I love donuts” is a place for fans of sweet donuts and cocoa! Here, you can find odorous, colorful and the most delicious donuts with various additions: chocolate, raspberry, strawberry or caramel syrup, sweet sugar powder and multi-colored sprinkles. In addition, the personal favorite drink of both children and adults – cocoa, which is simply the best addition to the donuts! Where to find us? We are located near SHELTER hotel and near loading station of ski lifts №12 and №17.


In «TYT FOOD» fast food point you can refresh yourself with  soft drinks, taste flavored hot dogs with your favorite beer. A quick and tasty snack guaranteed! - Where is it? Near a large lake in TC "Bukovel" (in a summer)  


At the loading station of a ski lift #14 the tempting scent of fresh chebureks invites skiers and snowboarders to visit fast food place “Cheburek’s-house”. Here, without spending much time, you can have nutritious chebureks with different fillings to your taste for lunch. And also, choose between mulled wine, coffee, tea, broth and dozens of other tasty options to warm up. - Where is it? Lower ski lift station #14

Garyache wino

"Garyache wino", which is situated in the heart of the resort invites you any time of year. Visit card of each ski resort is not only trails for skiing, but also a traditional drink like mulled wine! And in Bukovel it is really excellent! Here you always can taste real Bukovel mulled wine, prepared by a special recipe and other hot drinks! - Where is it? Lower lift station №2R

Ice cream

If you want to cool down in the summer heat, at the entrance the cafe «Bugi.L» you will find amazing eco-house with a refreshing summer desserts. We suggest to taste ice cream with various additions - fresh fruit, nuts, and chocolate colored mineral granules. Where is it? Central Square near the fountain, near Shelter Hotel   

Bukovel big fair

Every winter in Bukovel performes a big fair. It starts with winter season opening and ends only in spring. Visiting here you should taste delicious Eat'n'Go goodies. These small houses are full of swings, bakes, roasts, cooks to feed your most delicious kebabs, pilaf and Banos! - Where is it? Next to ski lift #2 in the central square.


Foodpark - the biggest food court in Carpathians. Ski, snowboard and energize with healthy nutritious food, and communicate in an informal atmosphere. Popular gastronomical trends, that have taken over the world due to  a combination of authentic taste and nutrition: Asian soups, WOK dishes, juicy burgers, grilled meat and warming mulled wine. - Where is it? Near the ski lift №8.